Cortland Transit seeks feedback from campus


Cortland Transit is seeking feedback from the campus community on the look and name of its transit system that serves SUNY Cortland and surrounding areas.

A brief six-question survey can be completed in line. Responses are anonymous.

In February, Cortland Transit created a new route that makes stops on campus, in local neighborhoods, and at key locations along Route 281 and Tompkins St. Monthly bus passes are available through the CampusStore.

Bringing Cortland Transit to campus helps SUNY Cortland achieve its sustainability goals, reduces parking congestion, and provides transportation options for students, faculty, and staff.

Designated stops on this route include:

  • Cortland County Office Building (60 Central Avenue)
  • Corner of Maple Avenue and Woodruff Street.
  • Corner of Lincoln Avenue and North Main Street.
  • Corey Union Bus Stop
  • Bus stop for line 281
  • Grand Union Square
  • Burger King
  • West Campus Apartments

Route 2 will stop as requested at:

  • Moffett Center Bus Stop
  • Park Center Bus Stop
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • 281 Bowl
  • Tompkins St. eastbound from Route 13/Route 281 to Main St.

Cortland Transit route details, maps and fares are available online.

The campus bus system will continue to operate normally. Riders can view maps, routes and schedules online.