Where Can I Borrow 15,000 Euros?

Borrowing 15,000 euros where can I go is the question to which we would like to give you an answer. Everyone has a little savings. On average, Dutch people save a little more than 200 euros a month and many people have a reserve of 3500 to 6000 euros to be able to spend in emergencies or unforeseen expenses. An amount of 15,000 euros, that is too many for many people to be able to pay suddenly.

That is why we are going to look in this article at what options you have to borrow 15,000 euros if you unexpectedly needed this amount.

Borrowing 15,000 euros where can I go

Borrowing 15,000 euros where can I go

As you may know, there are various ways in which you can take out a loan. When do you choose a Standing Credit?
With a revolving credit you have the advantage that you do not have to withdraw the borrowed amount at once during the term of the loan. The interest is paid on the outstanding amount.

This can have its advantages when you have made a budget, and you discover that you need to do more than an expense that requires an online loan. Thanks to taking out a revolving credit, you can combine several large costs in one loan. For example, you can borrow 15,000 euros to be able to afford several smaller purchases or costs. In this way you spread the costs evenly over time, but because you take out a loan for a larger amount, and the amount can be taken out again and again, the interest for the loan becomes higher than with a mortgage or personal credit.

Often, this means that the lender or the bank in particular will benefit from a revolving credit. On the other hand, it is favorable for the borrower that he or she may repay the loan early during the term without paying a fine. This, in turn, is a positive argument for entering into a revolving credit.

Personal loan

Personal loan

With a personal loan, the borrowed amount is taken at once, and the borrowed amount is paid in installments at a fixed interest rate. Before entering into a personal interest rate in the Netherlands, your creditworthiness is assessed by the BKR. A personal loan is usually taken out through a bank. Sometimes it is also possible through another lender. For borrowing 15,000 euros you often have to count on a term of 60 months.

The interest rates can vary from bank to bank. With some banks the interest rate is 5.60%, with other lenders you have to count with 10.50%. A personal loan is a good choice if you are in a stable financial situation: it is a traditional form of borrowing where the approval of the BKR can serve as a guarantee that you can also pay off the contracted loan.

Second mortgage

Second mortgage

Take out a second mortgage: this term explains itself. To be able to borrow 15,000 euros, you take out a second mortgage on a property (in most cases, your own home). Your property therefore serves as collateral. This can be a solution for those who cannot afford another form of loan because of insufficient guarantee.

By taking out a second mortgage, your total mortgage amount is increased and when borrowing 15,000 euros it is about 15,000 euros. In addition, there are often other additional costs. When entering into this form of credit, it is important that you keep a close eye on the additional costs.

In addition to closing costs for the second mortgage, you also have to count on appraisal costs. All in all, this form of credit can be a solution, but as with any loan, you have to carefully check whether you can carry the monthly installments properly.


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