A transit pass is required for transporting alcohol from other states through Assam

Guwahati: In an effort to prevent the illegal unloading of alcohol or spirits from other states during transit, the government of Assam has mandated a transit pass for such a shipment passing through the state.

The new Assam Excise Rules Amendment, 2016 passed by the Assam Legislature following the insertion of new Rule 338A, stipulated that any shipment of alcohol transported from any location outside State or to any place outside the State during its movement through the State, may not be unloaded, delivered or sold as is. The shipper, driver or carrier must make a declaration that the alcohol transported will not be unloaded, delivered or sold in a condition other than its original destination. A transit pass will then be issued after verification of the shipment by the authorized excise officer.

At entry and exit points, the driver or transporter will need to have the shipment verified and obtain approval from the excise officer at the exit control point as proof of such exit from the state. “If the driver or the carrier does not present the pass within the time allowed to leave the first entry checkpoint falling en route, it will be considered that the alcohol thus transported has been sold in the State. of Assam. In this case, sanctions and prosecutions will be initiated in accordance with the provisions of the law, ”Excise Minister Parimal Suklabaidya said, adding that the shipment of alcohol and vehicles would be seized.

A fee of Rs 500 must be paid online for each public transport card. In addition to alcohol, the provision of a transit pass will also be applicable during the transit of extra neutral alcohol through Assam.

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