CEIA USA Introduces MSD EVO ™ for High Transit Pass-Thru Security Filtering

MSD EVO targets ferrous assault weapons capable of mass destruction, including large firearms and homemade bombs, and allows rapid screening of people in formal attire attending public events such as concerts, theaters, galas, cinemas, etc. . Inside the staging area, MSD EVO improves detection uniformity 100 times more conventional magnetostatic pole pairs, provides better discrimination against ferromagnetic personal items and greater immunity against external interference sources (i.e. moving metals or electrical interference).

Multiple side-by-side inputs are quickly and easily deployed by a sequence of MSD EVO units where each unit combines separately with the two adjacent poles which provide two independent gates with the same detection and discrimination capability as the single pair.

Strengths of MSD EVO

  • Detection targets: ferrous weapons of mass destruction
  • Operational use: rapid screening of people in street clothes
  • Areas of application: theaters, concerts, cinemas, public events, gala events
  • Optical simultaneous alarm signaling provided by the two poles defining the alarmed transit zone
  • Optional installation of up to 10 barriers of 100 MSD EVO each (99 doors) with automatic synchronization of adjacent units
  • Programmable sensitivity of a series of multiple MSD EVO poles by a single operation on the first MSD EVO pole in the line without the need for individual pole adjustments, saving considerable time
  • Complete control line deployable in minutes
  • Battery life: 26 hours, continuous service
  • Ready to ship now
  • Additional data and practical demonstrations available on request

About CEIA United States:
CEIA is the global leader in high performance safety metal detection with over 50 years of experience in the design, production and application of detection devices with over half a million systems delivered. CEIA specializes in both active and passive systems, delivering the highest peak performance available on the market, as well as a unique range of multi-sensor doors and portable detectors, which simultaneously detect and locate a variety of threat. CEIA United States offers a wide range of metal detection and security screening solutions including transit, handheld and ground search metal detectors, bottled liquid scanners, non-metallic cargo inspection and prevention systems losses. CEIA United States provides nationwide sales, service and customer support to public sector (federal, state and local) and private sector customers in North America. Dynamic solutions are the foundation of CEIA the United States commitment to customer satisfaction. For more information visit www.ceia-usa.com.

SOURCE CEIA United States

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