Dayton RTA, Masabi and Transit App launch account-based ticketing solution

New York, United States (Urban Transport News): Masabi, the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and Transit today announced the addition of account-based ticketing (ABT) to RTA’s Tapp Pay contactless payment solution. The new system, which is powered by Masabi’s Justride platform, means Dayton passengers will no longer need to purchase a ticket or select a fare before travel. Instead, they can now simply use Tapp Pay through the Transit on their smartphone to touch and ride – knowing that, thanks to new fare cap technology, they will always be charged the best possible price for their trip.

With fare capping, customers will automatically be capped, or capped, to the amount they pay within a given time frame once they’ve traveled enough time to accumulate the equivalent of a $ 31 daily or monthly pass. days. This means that no matter how many essential trips a customer takes in any given day or period of 31 consecutive days, they will never pay more than a daily or monthly pass, rewarding passengers. as they travel. Starting February 1, customers will be capped at $ 3 per day and $ 30 over a continuous 31-day period using Tapp Pay.

Thanks to Masabi’s integration with the Transit app, RTA customers are now able to add stored value to their accounts and seamlessly navigate the transit network in one easy-to-use app. . With the Transit app, RTA customers get an integrated mobility experience including trip planning, real-time information and connections to first / last mile services such as Link Dayton Bike Share, Spin, Uber and Lyft. Passengers just tap and roll when they’re ready to travel, all from the Transit app, with integrated fare payments on RTA’s system powered by Masabi’s Justride SDK.

The digitization of cash is also now available for Tapp Pay customers who have a smartphone and wish to pay in cash. They can now simply purchase and load RTA passes to their Tapp Pay account at T-CETRA outlets in the Dayton area.

This demonstrates RTA’s commitment to the democratization of public transit, recognizing its fundamental role in economic and social growth. Ensuring the availability of fully contactless journeys for passengers also shows RTA’s commitment to a transportation-focused recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping public transit safe for the people of Dayton. .

Brandon Policicchio, Director of Customer and Business Development at RTA, said:

Traditional transit fare systems have created a situation where customers who are least able to afford the upfront costs of a monthly pass end up paying more, but also end up traveling less at the end of the journey. month. Thanks to our partnership with Masabi, this new rate cap technology solves this problem and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers a convenient, contactless method to use our services.

“2020 has seen unprecedented challenges for transit agencies, their employees and customers as ‘stay at home’ orders and social distancing requirements hit ridership. The priority of the agencies is now to make public transport safe against Covid, to protect staff and to encourage users to return in 2021 ”, said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi. “Contactless technologies such as mobile and account-based ticketing offer secure fare payments for Covid, as well as incentives to passengers and agencies with features such as fare caps, rewarding passengers as they go. ‘they travel and the flexibility of fares, which is crucial with the change in people’s work habits. We are delighted to continue our work with Greater Dayton RTA, welcoming them to the ever growing group of Masabi customers who are launching Justride ABT, to create a modern and robust fare payment system that maximizes customer convenience and safety.

“The rate cap is just the latest feather that Transit and Dayton RTA have added to our partnership cap. Among North American agencies, Dayton RTA has taken the lead in ensuring that all of their city’s mobility options are readily available to everyone in the agency’s official app. Whether working with operators to integrate first and last mile connections, or working with Masabi to bring innovations such as transit fare caps, RTA has been a first-class partner. and delivers results for passengers, ”said David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer at Transit.

Fare Payments-as-a-Service provides agencies with the latest innovations in rate payment quickly, using a multi-tenant platform like Justride by Masabi, which is constantly updating and adding new features. This not only improves the travel experience for passengers, but helps agencies keep pace with technological change. It also reduces the total cost of tariff collection as the costs are shared among all users. The Justride platform has grown from a market-leading mobile ticketing solution to a comprehensive account-based ticketing (ABT) system while enabling mobility as a service (MaaS) through partnerships with leading mobility providers. The platform supports all groups of passengers and turns cash into stored value that passengers can use to travel without the need for expensive equipment.

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