How to Manage My Money

A coffee in the morning, a chocolate in the afternoon or a soda to accompany the meal and a chewing gum after eating or some cravings. These and others are some of the ant expenses that are emptying your pockets and you do not realize!

How many times have you reached the end of fortnight


Ant expenses are small (and seemingly harmless), daily expenses that we have in everyday pleasures or in things that we don’t really use and less need. However, these expenses can hurt your pockets terribly, since being so small, we do not pay attention to them and at least we realize, they have already damaged our budget, and have even destroyed our ability to save.

If they are small and go unnoticed, how can we avoid them?

Tips with which you can save your pockets

Identify the worthwhile expenses

Identify the worthwhile expenses

It is not necessary that you depress yourself of everything you like and want, but it is important that among all those small expenses that you have day to day, analyze what they are that of do not bring you anything important and that you could live without them. By doing this thoroughly, you can eliminate them little by little and your finances will begin to improve.

Register your small expenses

Register your small expenses

It is important that you have a record of the small expenses you make on a daily basis, and that, per week, review how much those tastes you gave yourself went up. So you can have a control of them and prepare a weekly budget with which you can avoid spending more. In addition, you can determine which ones you can supply with something homemade, such as a coffee or a sandwich.

Finally, you have to decide which of your extra monthly expenses you stay with, which you reduce and which you can definitely eliminate.

Take only the necessary cash with you

Take only the necessary cash with you

This step is closely related to the previous one, because once you have a fixed weekly budget, it is recommended that you only carry the necessary cash for issues such as transportation or food in any particular case. This will help you not to spend the extra money you carry with you and reduce your ant expenses.

Avoid using your credit card

It is very easy to pay with your credit card when you do not have the money at hand and you are in the middle of a compulsive purchase. This habit also damages your finances because sooner or later you will end up paying the money you used and it is very likely that you will start to suffocate when you see what you have to pay at the cutoff date. Avoid using your credit card for momentary tastes and save it for times when it is totally necessary or when it suits you because you will pay months without interest.

Set a monthly savings goal

You have been thinking, how much could you save for a month?

The trick here is that you monthly allocate a part, even if it is small, to something that motivates you and that you want to acquire or for a trip that you want to make. You can start by stopping to buy coffee every day and save money from those you didn’t buy.

Another tip that we can share to save you, is to take the $ 5 or $ 10 coins that reach your hands and save them. Without realizing it, little by little that money will accumulate and bear fruit.

These are some ways that can help you improve your personal finances, lowering your ant expenses and making small changes that will be reflected in the long term.

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