Hungary to provide transit passes to Turkish carriers, lifts quotas

The issue of issuing public transport tickets encountered by Turkish road exporters in Hungary while crossing to Europe has been resolved, Turkish Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Adil KaraismailoÄŸlu said on Friday.

According to the recently signed road agreement between Ankara and Budapest, Hungary will provide transit documents to Turkish carriers. The decision taken in bilateral meetings between the parties, KaraismailoÄŸlu said in a statement on Twitter.

The ministry later said in a written statement that as a solution to the years-long transit pass problem, Turkish trucks will receive an additional 74,000 transit passes next year.

The quota of transit documents for the Turkish side will remain at 3,000 binary passes, 36,000 transit passes and 1,000 third country passes, while the quota for the Hungarian side will include 3,000 passes. binaries, 15,000 transit passes and 8,000 third country passes. Meanwhile, the binary passes, which are currently 3,000, will reach 5,000 in the next period and the total transit passes acquired from Hungary will increase to 110,000.

The two sides will discuss the transport binary market and pass document numbers at the next meeting in May 2021.

Turkey lobbied Hungary to lift transport quotas to boost trade and benefit consumers.

Bilateral trade volume, totaling just $ 356 million (TL 2.78 billion) in 2001, increased to $ 2.5 billion in 2018, despite global volatility. Removing the problem of transit passes should significantly contribute to exports not only to Hungary but also to the EU.

Turkey achieves almost half of its total foreign trade with the EU, and some 75% of goods are transported by road.

But goods vehicles registered in Turkey that enter the EU every year at the Hungarian, Austrian and Bulgarian borders face administrative obstacles.

These include quota limits on the number of transport permits that can be issued to Turkish trucks by an EU member state, with demand exceeding the number of permits available.

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