Loudoun County Launches New Transit App | New

Loudoun County Transit has launched a new mobile app called ‘Transit’ which will provide all updates regarding any impact on the bus service.

The app replaces the county’s old texting service – LC Alerts and SV Alerts – which was discontinued, according to a press release issued by county officials on Friday. Officials encouraged all old service alert subscribers to download the Transit app to continue receiving accurate, real-time service updates from Loudoun County transit.

The Transit app improves the way the county communicates with bus users by adding new and improved capabilities, the release said. The app makes it easy for bus riders to navigate the area, with nearby bus options, departure times, accurate real-time information, trip planning and turn-by-turn navigation. The app will simplify commuting for County Bus and Metrorail riders by providing a single source of information.

When launching the app, Loudoun County Transit riders will see nearby options and departure times for local bus, commuter, and metro services. App users will have the option to receive important service alerts and late-breaking news right on the Transit app home screen.

Users of the app can customize the way they receive service alerts through their mobile phone notifications by signing up for push notifications for specific routes.

The useful features of the Transit app will allow users to:

– Check departures nearby

– Get step by step instructions

– Identify preferred bus routes

– Connect with the regional transport network

The Transit app is available for free download on iPhone and Android phones. For instructions on downloading the app, frequently asked questions, and to learn more about the features of the app, visit loudoun.gov/transitapp.

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