Miami-Dade Updates Transit App and Offers Free Transit Passes to Commuters

“Try public transit! “

That’s the message Miami-Dade County is sending to commuters with an upgrade to its Transit Tracker smartphone app. The updated app offers real-time Bus and Metrorail tracking, and has a new assistance tab. It also includes the timetables for most of the county trolleys and uses geolocators to provide lists of the nearest bus and metro stations.

Miami-Dade Transit Tracker app real-time bus tracker.

“We’ve been around the world to see the functionality, how to get users to the point where they get the information they need as quickly as possible,” said Alice Bravo, director of the Miam County Department of Transportation and Public- Dade. Works.

“The way it was set up before, you really couldn’t get this data in a useful way,” Bravo said.

The county is promoting the use of the Transit Tracker app – and public transportation – by providing free transit passes in August and September. Passes are valid for seven days and can be won through contests and sharing information about the app on social media.

The updated app is available now. To learn more about free passes, visit