Opening of the Pace transit center in Joliet

Pace announces the opening of the new Pace Transit Center located in downtown Joliet in Marion and St. Louis, southwest of the station in the Joliet Gateway Center. The bus service is operating but the building is not yet open and will not be until spring 2022.

Departure Monday, December 6, 2021, buses will serve the new Pace Transit Center and service to the temporary transfer site in Joliet and Webster will be discontinued.

Also, as part of the relocation of the service:

• All buses will operate on new routes in downtown Joliet and minor schedule changes will occur on many routes.
• Routes 504, 511 and 512 will no longer operate north of Washington.
• Route 501 will be the only route in service on Jefferson between Ottawa and Chicago.
• Most westbound weekday trips on Route 509 will now depart from State and Riley 5 min. earlier.
• In downtown Joliet, buses will stop at posted stops only (indicated by O). Routes 505, 508, 509 and 832 will continue to serve flag stops outside of downtown Joliet. Lines 511 and 512 will continue to serve flag stops.

The updated timetables as of December 6, 2021 are available here.

Rhythm route times:

501 504 505 507 508 509 511 512 832 834

The original service notice can be found here:

City of Joliet press release