Six-story building envisioned next to Veterans Park and Transit Center

A pre-application has been submitted for a four-plot project adjoining the Veterans Memorial Park and Transit Center at Mountlake Terrace. The proposal describes the project as a six-storey multi-family building.

A pre-application is intended to present a development concept to the city and to obtain initial feedback. Plans almost always change, and often projects don’t even move forward.

Existing site

The project would be located on three existing single-family properties (and a separate narrowband parcel) on the culdesac of 233rd Place SW off 60th Avenue W. These properties are bordered to the east by the Veterans Memorial Park, south by Transit Center and west by I-5. The three properties total 1.06 acres and no sales have yet been reported.

These properties are located in the northwest part of the Town Center area which was added in the 2019 update. The properties are in the TC-1 area which allows six to twelve floors.

Since these properties border both the transit hub and the Veterans Memorial Park, a development project presents a unique opportunity to better connect this part of downtown to transit and park facilities. There are definitely a few challenges, however, with some fairly steep inclines to the west, south, and east.

At the culdesac entrance of 233rd Pl SW there is a pedestrian access point for veterans with a fairly steep trail that winds up the hillside to the main veterans trail connecting the transit center to 58th ave W and the civic campus.

Proposal under study

The concept under study is a six-storey multi-family building with parking on the ground floor and surface parking to the north of the building. The second to sixth floors would have 115 residential houses.

Pre-requisition site plans are generally very preliminary in nature. Often the applicant has not even purchased the property and is content to consider the feasibility of a project. The pre-bid conference is an opportunity for the candidate to get initial feedback and input from City staff on the concept. There is something to be critical about with this sitemap. For example, separating the building from the street with surface parking is a pretty basic urban design faux pas and is explicitly prohibited in the downtown Mountlake Terrace code. But, to his credit, the applicant asks himself the right questions and this is an atypical site insofar as it is essentially located at the end of a dead end. Some of the specific topics they ask to discuss with the City are:

  • Connection to Mountlake Terrace light rail station to the south
  • Interface between the building and the light rail guide track to the west
  • a potential vacancy of the right-of-way of the 233rd Pl SW
  • Connection to the city center
  • Design / facade / ground floor requirements for residential use

The pre-application review typically takes at least a few weeks, allowing City staff to provide written comments.

The applicant is Development of blue fernt and the architect is Milbrandt Architects.

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