Transit app now tells you when to hurry for the bus

Sure, your existing phone apps can tell you when to get on the bus and when to get off, but transit fans know that’s only half the story. What if the driver is faster than expected or if a delay ruins your connection to the metro? Transit strength just save the day. It’s updating its Android and iOS apps with a Go routing feature that could take some of the guesswork out of traveling. You’ll get on-screen and voice notifications when it’s time to go out or disembark, but it gets really interesting when things go wrong. Transit will tell you to hurry if your departure time is suddenly late, create a new route if you miss a trip, and notify you if a bus makes an unexpected detour.

The upgrade also addresses a long-standing demand for real-time location data while you plan a trip. You need to know which routes will be Actually get you to your destination on time, not just the ones that work in theory. The updates are still too recent to see how well they work in practice. However, that could be the ticket if you’re tired of checking your phone two or three times on a long trip through town.

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