TransLink offers $ 804 towards a monthly pass for each old car traded in

Residents of Metro Vancouver who own an old car powered by combustion fuel are now offered an offer to trade in their vehicle for a TransLink Compass card valued at $ 802.

The trade provides either a transit pass for an eight-month adult zone or a 14-month concession transit pass.

“We are facing a climate emergency and we all need to take action to reduce our carbon emissions,” Kevin Quinn, CEO of TransLink, said in a statement. “Partnerships like this help people make greener and more environmentally friendly choices. By choosing public transport, you are helping to reduce traffic congestion and the region’s carbon footprint.

Vehicles in this program can be sent to a facility operated by SCRAP-IT, a non-profit company focused on clean transportation initiatives.

The organization has been around for more than 25 years, encouraging drivers to ditch their old fossil-fueled cars and trucks for e-vehicle grants, carpool credits, transit passes, e-bikes and discounts. cash.

“British Columbians know the climate emergency and may be considering what they can do to make a difference,” said Diane Roberts, CEO of SCRAP-IT.

“Our program gives them the opportunity to switch to a cleaner mode of transportation and make that transition much more affordable. It’s a win-win for the environment and their own wallet.

In recent years, in Metro Vancouver, there has been exponential year-over-year growth in the adoption of battery-electric vehicles, according to ICBC car registration statistics.
Higher governments have also offered grants for the purchase of a new battery-electric car.

The provincial government has also set a legislative target to ban sales of fossil-fueled cars by 2040, with British Columbia now poised to meet its interim 2025 goal of 10% zero-emission vehicles by years to years. ‘advance. The federal government also plans to introduce a similar policy by 2035.

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