TTC launches new transit pass for low-income riders

A reduction program to help more people get on the TTC is about to start.

The goal of the Fair Fare Pass is to allow some of Toronto’s most vulnerable residents to get around the city affordably.

“It’s important that everyone in Toronto has access to public transit. It’s the transit that connects people to opportunities, ”Tory told media Tuesday.

“This initiative will help more Torontonians with opportunities and affordable prices in our city. “

The pass will offer $ 1 off one-way tickets and $ 30.75 off monthly passes to people through the Ontario Works program and the Ontario Disability Support Program.

The discount is programmed on a PRESTO card. Cardholders must load funds to the card to access the discounted adult fare or monthly pass.

TTC president Josh Colle said the program would be mutually beneficial.

“Having a single pass like this will allow people to move around the city who might not otherwise be able to get to programs, get to work. It is also an important measure for the TTC in increasing ridership because, of course, it is something that we also want to do, for each age group and for each level of income ”, a- he explained.

36,000 people are expected to benefit from the program.

This is the first phase of the Fair Fare Pass, the other two phases will be implemented by 2021.

For more details on the Fair Fare Pass, Click here.

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