You ask, we answer: will the temporary transit center receive winter shelters? | You ask, we answer

UPDATE 01/26/22

Heated shelters have been installed at the temporary transit center in Eau Claire.

A few weeks ago, Eau Claire Transit officials said the shelters were on the way but were taking some time due to supply chain issues. But now both shelters are in place, with each shelter having a heater installed.


CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – If you’ve driven by the temporary bus transfer center, you might notice one thing missing, the shelters, and a viewer asked about the plans for the city bus stop for users during the winter season.

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Previously, the transfer center had tents, but according to Thomas Wagener, public transport manager for the city of Eau Claire, these tents were good for rain, but not for relief from cold, heavy snow or snow. wind.

Wagener said they were planning for new shelters to arrive, but are now at the mercy of the supply chain.

“We’ve ordered two shelters, and they’re out of stock, primarily due to aluminum supply issues,” Wagener said. “We were expecting them to be here in October. We had pitched tents before that, so people could shelter from the rain. But we were hoping to have these shelters by October, we were told that was probably going to be around the end of January now before they shipped.”

For now, Wagener said buses will continue to arrive every half hour as part of the temporary transit center schedule, which will help protect passengers from the cold.